Aviation Simulator Instructor Operator

PULAU Corporation is seeking applicants for the Aviation Simulator Instructor Operator position on the Aviation Training Services and Operational Support (ATSOS) contract to support the National Guard. This is a full-time, exempt position located in Los Alamitos, CA.

Job Duties Include:

  • Provide aviation instruction and simulator operation at the simulator sites
  • Aviation instruction shall include
    • Instruction on all base and mission tasks IAW the appropriate Aircrew Training Manual (ATM)
    • Apart academic evaluation topics as listed in the ATM
    • Mission scenario development
    • Instrument training/evaluation
    • Crew coordination and collective training

Travel Information:

  • Possible travel to other CONUS installations where simulators are fielded or deployed or where a unit is conducting extended training operations, such as New Equipment Training or Mobilization Training; or to the simulator s original equipment manufacturer (OEM) facility to receive initial training.
  • Periodically the transportable simulators may be moved to support training temporarily.
  • The I/O will move with the simulator.
  • Travel required when assigned simulator is moved and used at a different location.
  • Travel required in order to participate in Unit Fielding Training Programs (UFTP) with their assigned simulators.

Don't Be Fooled

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